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By disneylover43
#232595 We recently applied to nhs on the low income scheme for help with health costs our weekly income is lower than that of our friend who is unemployed with a wife no dependent children no mortgage as they own their home,
we have a mortgage and council tax to pay and yet we dont qualify for free prescriptions because we have £8.25 per week spare,which is not really true as the way they worked it out they dont allow our full mortgage to be paid its ridiculous.
We are entitled to reduced eye test and glasses vouchur and reduced dental treatment.

i am really peeved about this,we might as well be on the dole and get free everything :cry:
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By DuffNCustard
#232613 Read the Daily Mail today - a marvellous old scandal-rag!

Corrrrrrr the 'bonfire of the benefits' is nigh - so on the basis of if you can't have it why should anyone else with more dosh than us I reckon it just might cheer you up

Like them Yummy Mummies losing child benefit - maybe they'll have to walk their frightful little horrors to school now instead of clogging up our street in their Chelsea tractors!!!

I hope they're limbering up their axe-swinging arm!!!