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By DuffNCustard
#215729 Price of a 1.5kg bag of flour in Sainsbury's is £1.39 this week up from 75p last week

Tescoids last night had flour at 75p but have a limit on the numbers of bags per customer

If you like me do a lot of baking its time to stock up - we have :mrgreen:

I live in Bedfordshire - the closer to London you get it seems that the higher the prices, I have a son at Uni in York Mr Duff goes up there once a month with a red cross parcel for him and takes the opportunity of doing some shopping - prices are a lot lower.
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By Gazza1912
#217864 Its not cheap here in Lincolnshire
#232203 Asda Smartprice Self Raising Flour & Plain Flour is only 42p. Not bad considering some other prices. Its shocking in general though how much food is going up in price, especially fresh fruit.