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By red24
#211798 My sellers account on ebay had been hijacked by what appeared to be someone selling goods from the States.

There were 3 items listed on my site but multiples of and the sellers charges for these amounted to £1500, what a cheek and how scary is that to actually see whats happened.

I wouldn't have known but i couldn't get into ebay and thought I'd forgotten my password but tried everything. Finally had to call them and it was all explained.

How careful do we have to be - I am not usually stupid about these things so no idea how it happened, some very clever people around.
By steph
#211812 Hi Was it jetskis and bikes and boats? This happened to me one sunday and they had put me as selling about 60 items. My fees were going up by the minute. They wanted payment via western union and I got loads of enquiries. I panicked but ebay stopped my account straight away and then my account was stopped but reinstated the next day when I complained. I think it happened when I was browsing through ebay and clicked on an item I was interested in but instead of a item description I was told to sign in again, I have been very very careful since then.
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By DuffNCustard
#211813 Happened to me 2 years ago - I think I responded to what looked like an email from EBAY - asking me a question about an item. It linked to an item I wouldn't have touched with a 10 foot pole - my waters twitched and I nicked in and changed my password - they must have been online at the time as it locked out my account. I then called EBAY direct - they checked it all out and refunded all the fees etc.

If you want a good laugh google scambait or scam the scammers and see some of these onanists :oops: get their come-uppance!
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#214767 HI this happend to me to around 5 years ago . I could not get into my account and then I found there was planes for sale on it and mobil phones my fees were rising by the minute . I got hold of ebay and they sorted it stright away . It has not happend since

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