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By Gazza1912
#200055 mmmmm, :roll: but what is the *catch*? I am a firm believer of 'If it Sounds Too Good To be True, it Probably Is'
By sans
#200069 There is no catch really.

They are paid by governmental departments, blue chip companies etc to gather public opinion of a variety of topics, which helps policy decisions for government or companies to make, when deciding on new products or services, or how the electorate as a majority from a selected poll will vote on a policy issues.

They hold an amount of personal information, but no more than you might give to a online questionairre from one of your banking or service providers. This is all backed up by Data Protection.

The only downside is that it can take along time to get enough credits for the £50.00 payment.

When you next hear on the news that they asked a poll of the population across Britain for their views, it will probally have come from yougov or a similar organisation.

Nothing sinister about this particular outfit.
By noshybabs
#200122 Ive started using this one too

i seem to get much more money from them, Ive already done 2 surveys for a total of £3!! in just under a week.

They only give highstreet vouchers though
#200537 can someone invite me to pinecones, i am with yougov and valuedopinions
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By Carpy
#200563 pinecones not taking any referrals just now unless you have a child under 3,,, for the rest they say to watch for them advertising