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By froglet
#197881 Is it just me, but have noticed for several months that a lot of items at Lidl are no longer cheaper in price :(
In fact recently I checked out Asda and found their stuff a lot cheaper, along with Iceland! Now that I live in Manchester, I have all these shops virtually on my doorstep, along with loads of ethnic stores :D Now I just need to find somewhere for fresh fruit other than supermarkets as the prices are ridiculous....multivits anyone :mrgreen: ?!
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By alexandra5988
#198266 We were just chatting about that at work today, yep Lidl is no longer cheap, asda and iceland being the favourites today, I go to all three :roll:

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By froglet
#198365 Partly yes, and the prices will continue rising while the fuel prices keep rising :( . However I have noticed that they had upped their prices slowly and steadily most of this year until I realised that many things from Lidl cost the same as if not more than bigger superstores. It's a shame really as I'm a big fan and the quality of most of their foods is excellent. Where I live, at the moment Asda and Iceland are the most cost effective for basic staples and Asda's fresh meat is cheaper than anywhere else, but their fresh fruit and veg is extortionate, so now I'm growing my own veg, and get whatever fruit is in season at my little green grocer around the corner (way cheaper than supermarkets :lol: )
By topsy
#199584 I agree that Lidle isnt as cheap as it used to be - what about Aldi ??...........i tend to shop around and am a huge fan of BOGOF !!!! yes the buy one get one free magnet !!!! I love Tesco but know Asda are best for fresh meat - and i wish i had a garden to grow veg, i crave being able to do that - but have a balcony overlooking a marina (yes its lovely but..) and i cant grow diddlysquat on that !
Well done Froglet - and i think we should have a website to tell u the current bargains to be found !!!! and where i live Asda, Lidel and Tesco are within a mile of each other so now massive fuel costs to drive around rooting out the bargains.........
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By Gazza1912
#200053 I would tend to agree with you. When I shop in Lidl, I walk around with a calculator and when I get to the check-out, the cashier always makes it between £1 and £2 more then what it says on my calculator.
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By scotcrew
I walk around with a calculator

I used to walk round with a slide rule but I have since been banned. I got into a sword duel with an older gentleman brandishing a french loaf :innocent:
By disneylover43
#204313 I think Lidl is the cheapest for fruit and vegetables .
They have an offer at the moment ,you can buy two 4pint semi-skimmed milk for £2 which saves you 80p.

I shop at Asda because they have taken all the nasties out of their products,like colours preservatives artificial sugar and I like that I dont want to be eating lots of additives,so they are good for that. :mrgreen:
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By BoingBoing
scotcrew wrote:
I walk around with a calculator

I used to walk round with a slide rule but I have since been banned. I got into a sword duel with an older gentleman brandishing a french loaf :innocent:

Thats so funny :mrgreen:
By Butts
#205735 I have not been in a Lidl for ages until today when I ventured into the Leven Branch.

I only got some tomatoes and an iceburg lettuce.

Looking around the prices didn't seem a lot cheaper than Sainsburys or Tesco.

Also they have no express tills etc and are a bit gloomy inside.

I think it's all swings and roundabouts with supermarket prices :mrgreen:
By red24
#205741 I've only just discovered Lidl as we didn't have a local one before we moved.

We find the weekly offers are amazing value, the non food stuff, its worth keeping on eye on what the offers are going to be, I've not bought much food stuff there so can't comment on the prices.

Xmas things are really cheap though.
By Iphigenia
#205757 Yes, I'm a big Lidl fan. I just bought their special offer mp3 car radio. Now I just need to buy a fella to fit it but hey.
By red24
#205789 Less grief with the car radio, even one that doesn't work. They are dead easy to fit, wiring will probably be the same as your old one.
By merlin
#212301 Lidl is great for carp bait - their tins of Koshida (moggy meat) are unbeatable.
Probably got around 20 tins in the shed (and no moggy)!