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By DuffNCustard
#196809 A blinding flash of the bleedin' obvious really. I bung a couple of bits of fruit - whatever is to hand with some milk and 3 tablespoons of cheapo porridge oats into a liquidizer, whiz it up and have it for brekkers. Sainsbury's sell a shot of this for £3! I believe that this is known as ' value added' which my friends to you and me is us being striped!

All fruit comes from the local market - we try to buy as little as possible from supermarket Robber Barons. Last Saturday we got 2 jumbo-porker sized pineapples for a quid each, the bloke on the stall knows us well and really takes care of us :lol:
By £76K
#196846 Tin of strawberries in juice (Tesco 25p), dash of milk & a banana, blend till smooth. Tastes great for less than £1
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By Ange
#196908 I love smoothies, and I've got a smoothie maker at home, but most of them want banana's in it and just the sight, smell and even taste of them make me feel blerugh!