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By lostitall
#198277 Just to check, Have you got SKY+ or standard sky, If you have SKY+ all you have to do is connect another coax cable to one of the spare LNB's on the dish as it will be a quad LNB no splitter required, If you have a standard LNB just upgrade it to a quad LNB they are a complete doddle to change. ... 38544.html

Theres one example, Then all you need as already stated is an old sky box which I am pretty sure someone on here would have probably for the price of p&p if you asked nicely lol. Stuff paying to get free channels, It aint free if you have to pay them is it??? Also the bbc are doing free sat which costs a blooming fortune to set up!!! . Hope this helps :-)
By disneylover43
uphillstruggle wrote:There is another way... if, like you said, you'd be happy with only the free channels in your second room.

First take the existing coax feed from your satellite dish and run it through a splitter. Then run cable to your second room. In your second room you'll obviously need a second sky box - get one off of ebay/freeads etc. This second box should now receive all the totally free channels.

If you can get hold of a second sky card, even one without a subscription, I think this opens up even more free channels.

Some google searching should enable you to fill in the gaps in this brief summary.

we have the dish and the receiver,but we cannot get any channels you now have to pay sky £20 for the so called FREE channels,a rip off in my opinion,but I am open to offers of adivce on how to get the free channelsn :mrgreen: