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#181145 the M&S offer for boots dont exist just a link to M&S :(
By red24
#181159 Yes this is a really good site, many good deals on it, my stepson saved lots towards Xmas, usually very genuine apparently, except the M&S one unfortunately.
By uphillstruggle
#181401 don't take this the wrong way... it looks like a good site...


Almost everything I ever bought while getting into debt was a "bargain" or was justified as such in my head. When I bought stuff, I often looked more at what I was saving than what I was spending.

posting hotdeals here is a bit like posting a Majestic Wines Voucher on an Alcoholics Anonymous website!
By red24
#181435 ....only if you rise to the temptation and lets face it while in a DMP its not really that easy to have the cash to spare or at least I never do have.
By hardtime
#181831 CC I'm addicted to this site now!!

Sorted out all birthday presents until March plus my Easter Eggs!! At a fraction of the cost that I would have paid if I'd bought these things for Xmas! (Not the eggs obviously!!!)
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By geordie
#181861 cracking site i bought 3 tesco festive hampers on the weekend under a tenner each the wine alone was worth more than the cost of the hamper and they came in wicker baskets geordie