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By calliej
#194104 I was shocked when my family dentist decided to go private. He's the only dentist my kids have ever seen and they are 14 & 16 now. At the last check up the office staff were spending ages with each person signing them up to various dental plans but they never even asked me about it - but then I dont pay dental charges so I obviously wasnt going to sign anything.

They just kicked us out - no options

Luckily a new NHS dentist recently opened in the town so we have all signed up. He's really lovely the kids like him too and its much closer to home. They even have special surgeries for disabled patients in a room just inside the door.

All in all I think we have been really lucky!
By Scrooge
#199080 I would recommend to anyone needing root treatment to drill it yourself with an electric drill, it's cheaper and probably less painful.
By red24
#199083 Ouch, that is making me feel quite sick, but I am a coward anyway.
By lush43
#199129 For anyone needing an NHS dentist,phone NHS DIRECT...they will put you on a waiting list.This differs from area to area,but could be as little as 6mths.The maximum you can pay is £196 and don't be fobbed off by dentists who tell you ''Oh that isn't available on the NHS'' and want you to pay privately.In 98% of cases its not true,and they can actually be brought to book for saying it!!!!The NHS DIRECT number is 0845 4647.There is also a form available if you are on a low income.Basically you pay for your treatment then claim it back.Fp64 or an HC5. :D