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By £76K
#170102 OK guys need some advice.

2 months ago codes went round that allowed you to get £25 off an order at Littlewoods as well as 10% off. Meant that you could get a footy shirt for £1.10.

Now the £25 voucher has been cancelled & they are trying to get every one to pay. terms and conditions#

2. Ordering Goods
2.1 All orders placed through our website will be subject to our acceptance of the order.
2.2 When you submit an order to us on our website you will receive a 'bounce back' confirmatory email of this order saying that we are processing your order. You will then receive a second email from us acknowledging your order and giving you estimated timescales for delivery. You should check both emails for accuracy and let us know immediately if there are any errors. Neither of these emails constitute acceptance of the order by us. Your order will be accepted by us (and a contract will then be formed between us) when we despatch the goods to you. Title to the goods will pass to you on delivery.
2.3 Where you have redeemed a promotional code or any other offer ("a Code") against your order, acceptance of this order is subject to our verifying that the Code has been issued to you personally, that you comply with all the terms of the offer and qualify for the Code. In the event that the Code has not been issued to you for your personal use or you do not qualify for the offer, the price of the order will be adjusted notwithstanding any email or other confirmation that you receive.

2.4 Should you wish to cancel your order or return any goods, please go to the Returns section for further information

Above are the terms on the website, can someone who is up on the sale of goods act & consumer law advise, I can't see how they can argue 2.3 when 2.2 has happened.

Personally I think they got a heavy & expensive hit on this & are trying it on to claw back anything
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By calliej
#170479 No - I would say they are within their rights to cancel the promotional code and ask for full payment. It states quite clearly that 2.3 is a 'clause' for ANY orders in which a promotional code has been used.

How they go about cancelling an order that has already been accepted and 'used' or 'worn' by the customer is of course another matter - which I guess is kind of the question you are actually asking!

They have to be open to some kind of negotiation - because to prosecute everyone who has tried to defraud the company in this way would cost them a fortune!
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By Red Devil
#170553 Grrrrr, typical Littlewoods - I hate them!
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By Kaiser Soze
Red Devil wrote:Grrrrr, typical Littlewoods - I hate them!

Grrrr Arrrrr. :twisted:

Shall we destroy them?
By hardtime
#170585 A similar thing happened a couple of years ago with La Redoute catalogue (part of Empire I think). Loads of people got a code from the madaboutbargains site for £20 worth of free goods.

Somebody posted the code and lots of people used it but they were either not sent the goods or they were billed for the full amount of their order.

The reason given by the company for not accepting the code was that it was used for customers already with an account that hadn't placed an order for a long time. So they knew who had been sent the code and who hadn't.
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By Red Devil
#170602 Good idea Kaizer - I owed them £79 when I went BR in March (after an IVA starting last October) and they've only just stopped hassling me!
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By Kaiser Soze
Red Devil wrote:Good idea Kaizer - I owed them £79 when I went BR in March (after an IVA starting last October) and they've only just stopped hassling me!

That settles it, release the hounds :shock: