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By trebor
#157360 Hi
This may not be news to you all, but it was to me yesterday when I rang my water company.

If you are a single person occupant of your property, you get a discounted "special rate" on your water bill - similar to the single occupant discount on council tax.

Of course this is not something the water companies advertise!

Finally, I dont know for certain is this is something all the water boards do. My board is Thames Water and I know that Mid-Kent water also do it as I advised my parents to check.

So it may be worth checking with you water company.

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By szarban
#161082 I called Severn Trent and they gave me a flat no :roll:
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By Ange
#161101 My water bill is paid by the housing association and is therefore included in the rent, so that's no good for me sadly.
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By deej
#161182 hi thanks for that info will check


deej :)
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By trebor
Bright Future wrote:Could this apply only to those not on a water meter?

Good point - indeed it does.

I rang them as I wanted a meter fitted and ended up with them telling me instead of getting the meter they would keep me on rates and give me the single person rate.