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By DrDirty
#148325 I know this sounds weird but I have changed the way I fill a car up - before BR I sued to do it on price, now I do it on Gallons (or more accurately litres).... its odd but I feel more comfortable (and it is slightly cheaper!) using litres as a measurement....

So I fill my car with 20 litres (4 gallons) and it works out to be better then sticking in £20 Quids worth... small compensense I know but it feels more accurtae for some reasure, after all my MPG is measures in gallons and not Pounds!

Is it me or am I turning flippy??
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By calliej
#148618 have lost the plot hunny..........I have NO idea what you are on about :D :lol:
By wantadiscount
#148632 Rest assured, you are not the only one. I used to go by price, then saw a report on telly (early hours of morning) about the difference in usage from petrol ie some more expensive petrol would give you more miles.

So now I tank up a tenner at the time, set the milometer to nil and monitor how much I get from that tenner, sad or what. I monitor all the local petrol stations so now I quite literally, drive myself round the twist.
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By Sammy
#148690 What I tend to do is to buy petrol either from Morrisons or Sainsburys and usually about £15 per time
I don't think I could go back to gallons now - too used to litres but gallons certainly puts into perspective the price of petrol
Funnily enough though whenever I buy food from the butchers or the town's market I always order in Imperial ( use the supermarkets for frozen stuff or tins of soup or biccies mainly - )
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By Red Devil
#148707 I still go by pounds, and I will never, ever use supermarket petrol again! I know BP etc is more expensive, but I was 'done' by the Tesco dodgy fuel.

I did have a bit luck though - the car was 'running lumpy' for ages afterwards but no warning lights came on. As I thought the OR would take it I left it as I had no receipt for the petrol and no way was I paying for it to be done for the OR's benefit. The same day as the OR interview the emissions light came on, and as I knew I was keeping the car I took it to Vauxhall, who changed the sensors under warranty as they couldn't prove it was the petrol! It would have cost me £200-£500 otherwise.
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By DrDirty
#151488 Seriously it works...

First know how many MPG your car does right? Either test it or assume it..

Then fill up according to Gallons (litres if your prefer) and you will make a saving. Remeber a car runs of litres of fuel not pounds of fuel.... say £20 quid will buy you 21.9 litres of fuel, but literally how can you gauge that! whereas £18.20 buys you 20 litres of fuel i.e. 4 gallons which equates to a more precise indication of the distance you can travel PLUS you save £1.80 a pop

now I am off to lick windows (the galss ones and not Mi$rosoft) :)
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By calliej
#151498 my car tells me how many miles I have left to drive at my current fuel consumption before it needs filling.........

....see the OR actually did me a favour - I never had that on the one they towed away :D

I HAVE to get back to my essay - still got 1500 words to write by 2moro! :shock:
By Scrooge
#151884 I wear a Mickey Mouse mask and cover my plates with velcro, fill up with £50s worth and drive off without paying. When the police check the CCTV they see the fuel was nicked by Mickey Mouse. :lol:. This is cheaper than one of those new cars that run on hydrogen.
By mrben
#152466 i filled my car up and went off with out pay a i got in so much truble it sound silly puting £10 in and reseting the clock but me and my wife have foned that the petrol from the high st dont go as far as the petrol in rd round the corner :?
By Scrooge
#152722 I was joking :D ...............Mr.Ben what are you on about??? :lol:
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By DrDirty
#152934 Thank the Lord for that Scrooge - I thought I was going to have to change my Mask for a mo.... :lol:
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By pointer2null
#157271 I've got a motorbike now so it's slightly different (can only get £15 in the tank), but when I had a car I would always fill the tank right up. I know it's a lot of money, but petrol doesn't go off so in the long run it doesn't cost any more. Each time I filled the tank I would reset the trip meter. That meant the trip told me miles per tank. It'sa good way to monitor the state of your engine - any problems usually show up as an increased fuel consumption first. Means you can get them fixed before they do any more damage.
By d.hd
#157278 I only use Shell petrol if I can help it, won't touch supermarket stuff as it's not as good quality. Although most of the big companies supply the supermarkets, they don't go through the same level of processing. as I understand it, to get on a Shell forecort the petrol goes through 5 levels of checks/processes, the petrol that goes to supermarkets only goes through about 2, so it's not the same quality.

Plus Shell always seems the cheapest near me, at least on par with supermarket, so no real benefit of going these.

I'm not sure where the logic comes in for putting in litres rather than cash? Surely if you 'save' a few quid the first time by putting in 20l rather than £20, then it just means this is added into the next purchase, as you've got less petrol so it'll run out sooner. :?
By Mcitchy
#159976 One lesson i've learnt from this post is not to sniff the fumes too much when filling up the tank :)
#165368 I read somewhere that yuo should fill up at night or when its cold, the petrol pumps apprently measure by volume and petrol is denser when cold :shock: