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#145920 hey people, my last elec bill was £500 for the quarter!!!! (yes 500 )

since then i went to maplins who have got a sale on £10 for solar panels, i got a free 2nd hand car battery from a local garage on the scrounge (tested first) and purchased an invertor from ebay ( converts 12V to 240v with a mains plug).

anyway it powers the TV for 5 hours a day, kettle, phone charger, lamps and most small household objects.
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#145936 If yo uhave high Gas and Elecric Bills I suggest you have a look at this company.

I have recently swithced to them, and already have saved over £100 in the first quarter I have been with them.

Well worth considering

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#145940 £500 sounds a lot. Have you double-checked it, is it correct? It could be an estimated thing, in that case you can ask for refund.
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hey people, my last elec bill was £500 for the quarter!!!! (yes 500 )

Friends of mine are opting for solar power too. Hopefully, you won't be getting such high bills.

I check my reading every quarter, as both gas and lecy meters appear only to be read once a year these days. I like to submit up-to-date readings so that I don't get any nasty surprises!

In the meantime, you should query this £500 bill.
#151919 I went on the maplins site, couldnt find a solar panel for a tenner, there was one for 19.99 so probably that one. Is it hard to do, is there water running through the panel or is it like the lights in the garden. I am not very technical, have you fuller details??? thanks 5 hours tv for nowt seems good to me.
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