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here is a link to the download page for people who charge you for not having direct debits set up for paying bills

I feel sure some of you have read about the new BT charges of £4.50 per quarter for not letting BT into your account and setting up a direct debit payment!

On watchdog last night, the guy from BT could not answer the question
"what will happen if people who pay the bill in cash do not pay the £4.50?"
He did not give a direct answer at all

so if you have not set up the direct debit, nor a monthly payment plan with them, and refuse to pay the charge, this letter may help you.

It was said that this letter [I have not downloaded it myself sorry] will work for not only BT, but other compaines who charge extra, they mentioned virgin network, and a few others

Anyway the link is here if you need it, they said just print it out and send it off, if enough people in the UK do this, then BT may have no other choice but to remove this payment totaly.
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By rebornat40
#142624 I saw this interview & thought Nicky Campbell was great. The BT chap looked like he wanted the ground to open up & swallow him.
By lush43
#143089 I saw it too.A point I wished they had made though.They mentioned dd payers subsidising late payers,well actually we do that ourselves as virgin media just slapped £10 on my bill plus £5 for non DD.I just downloaded the template letter,complaining. :D
By Pac
#143455 Is it possible to download these watchdog episodes, I have cancelled my TV packages, and will soon no longer receive TV transmissions. ?
By lush43
#143517 Not sure Pac,go have a look at bbc /watchdog site.Should tell you there
By Pac
lush43 wrote:Not sure Pac,go have a look at bbc /watchdog site.Should tell you there

Cheers Lush, I've searched the BBC web site, top to bottom, doesn't look promising :x
By shona24
#143636 I will certainly be downloading the form and sending it to Virgin who charge £5 it nothing more that day light robbery!

I choose to pay my bills at pay points as I have been caught out so many times with being pennies short for paying something through the bank and then getting hit with huge charges that I can't afford to pay.

By DorsetStrider
#192765 Hiya all.

For those of you who have been charged £££'s for being a few pence short or late payments.

I'm a member on another forums that deals with consumer issues (mostly how to get back money from the backs who charge you for not paying DD's etc). However some of these other issues have been covered on there as well.

Worth a look if nothing else.
By rockbabe1972
#193903 For any of you who are with Virgin Media, call them up and complain about the £5 charge for non DD keep at them saying that it a punishment for keeping an eye on your money. They can issue a good will payment which refunds the charge every month. I myself have been getting this for about a year now. It pays to be persistant. :D