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By louise44
#160427 I am seriously considering swaping VM to sky, my VM bills come in at around £90 p.m for L .t.v package, evening and w/end calls and 2mb broadband. Since they have converted to VM the service has dropped as well as the receiption from the t.v. and slow internet connection.

Sky are offering all three services for £26 but you still pay BT line of £11, so its coming in overall cheap!

Just wondering if anyone has converted to sky and what do they think so far? :lol:
#160432 I'd be inclind to get Freeview to be honest.
By £76K
#160436 I have sky with multi room @ £55 per month for a full package & Talktalk @ £25 (average) for Unlimited phone & broadband
By hardtime
#160451 We swapped from VM to sky in March because VM were so dear. I asked their customer services dept if they would do me a better deal else I was going to sky but they wouldn't. However after having sky fitted I rang the VM disconnections dept and they said if I had spoken to them before they could have halved my bill from £70 a month to £35 permanently.

Have to say we have been really pleased with sky and the picture on the tv doesn't keep breaking up like cable did!
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By szarban
#161011 I was paying £36/month to Virgin Media for phone/tv/internet and phoned them up saying I was thinking of switching to Sky and they reduced my bill to £24 for all three- bargain!

the landline deal included in that isn't great, but I explained to them that I mainly use my mobile for outgoing calls and the landline for free numbers and receiving calls, so they tailored my deal to my needs.
By Iphigenia
#161023 I pay VM £57.45 for
Line Rental £11
Talk Unlimited £9.95
TV L £11.50
BB L £25

I'd been hoping to ring them and try and get them to reduce it to 3 for £30 but it sounds like that won't happen.

I'd happily have freeview but don't have an external aerial. I'm in a poor reception area because of a hill, then there are huge trees round the house. I did have an aerial in the attic but the picture being so bad was the reason I got cable in the first place.

I'd like to get an independent opinion on the receptioin here but wouldn't feel I could trust an aerial salesman, after all, they're bound to want to sell me something, aren't they? (O cynical one)

Guess it might have to be Sky - but I struggle with their packages too. I want unlimited phonecalls but the smallest BB and Sky freeview, I couldn't find a way of packaging that, last time I looked.

ps, sorry if this looks like a repeat - I've already submitted it once but it seems to have vanished!
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By szarban
#161028 Iphigenia, you seem to be paying an awful lot- £25 for broadband alone??

As I said above, I have now got a deal for 3 for £24, including broadband...
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By Red Devil
#161410 We live in a flat and we've got BT broadband (£35) and Sky TV (£37). We are hoping to move this year so we'll switch to the Sky all in one package then. I used to work for Telewest and I wouldn't have cable if it was the last form of TV on earth!
By red24
#161452 We have had Sky TV for years and our phone and internet from homecall, never any problems until the competitors came in, I was very happy with the service. We could never get cable while living in London and waited for over a year for the Sky all in one package.
However since moving house, hubby decided we change everything over to Virgin, looked enticing and cheaper, but the service is absolutedly crap. Phone bill has worked out a lot dearer and as I use a laptop I can only connect wirelessly if the main computer is not on line or I get half a broadband connection or none at all. It is infuriating but of course hubby doesn't use my laptop so doesn't understand the problem.

If I had to think again I would have stayed with the previous suppliers, I think Virgin needs to get ita act together!!
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By icewhite
#162390 I am with VM and complained to them when we lost Sky. They upgraded my package to XL and I now pay £41 a month for tv/phone and broadband. And from this week I can now get Setanta free, so it means I can watch the footy for nowt. Just phone up and complain and threaten to leave and I am sure they will be able to do you a better deal...Good Luck :D
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By gibb100503
#162529 we have:

all sky channels plus broadband (8mb) ( in theory) + sky plus with a sky plus box in the front room and a normal sky box in the bedroom = £63.50

and bt. option 2 - £12

sky repair - £10

these are all monthly, my sky broadband is wifi as well which is usefull
so im in one room with the pc and the wifes in another with our cheap laptop.

ive been with sky for years and my only complaint is when it rains my sky cant cope with it.
By £76K
#162532 Sky repair is dead money, if it goes wrong phone them up & they will tell you £70. Ask for the cancellations department you will be transferred from India to Scotland & all of a sudden as a loyal customer they will give you a free call out! I was told by cancellation they never lose a customer of an equipment problem