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#126829 so here we go, go and open your savings account, and stick in it what?
£10 a month

By July, you should all have £60 saved
pull out £50 and buy those iceland stamps, so you get the extra bonus
so thats just over £50 to spend in iceland

then from August, we shall all go out and buy a few presents in the summer sales, as well as the bits and bobs we find cheap and cheerfull throughout the year to add to the christmas stock.

october we shall all start to look for the cheap booze, using any extra money you have managed to put in the savings account

octobers £10 shall be spent on the chocolate and sweet stuff

november we shall spend that £10 on the condiments, apple sauces etc

december should then find us all spending our normal shopping money on the xmas food stuff, and anything else that you want on top, use the iceland stamps.

so there you go xmas 2007 all wrapped up, all we gotta do is open the savings account.

opening ours on wednsday, hope you can join me
By £76K
#126833 I have been buying presents now in the sales for Christmas 2007. I spent £55 last night all at half price & got 11 presents for next year for the kids all stocking fillers that will not go off or anything like that.
By Iphigenia
#126859 You've heard me bang on about my virtual tinbox method before but

since May one of those 'tinboxes' has been a Christmas and birthday fund. I put £50 a month into it.

Since May I've funded gifts/spending for 5 birthdays, 2 Eids and one Christmas and have £7.30 leftover.

You're right, planning's the only way to do it!
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By Shameless
#126860 Iphi you really have turned into a star budgeteer :lol: 8) :smartass:
#138745 ok update, hows you all doing for xmas now?

I have managed to get:

£12 in tesco clubcard vouchers
£40 in Iceland stamps
£40 in Woolworths on thier christmas savings card

what about you's lot?

be checking back in June again lol
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By Ange
problemsgone wrote:£40 in Woolworths on thier christmas savings card

I didn't know they did that???
#138781 I bought all of next years xmas cards in WH Smiths at the beginning of Feb
Reduced to 50p a packet from £4.50

Just got to remember ive bought them when I need them come Dec :no: and where ive put them
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By johnny70
#138855 hi

me and my other half buy all the christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags in the january sales.

we have two money banks at home anything less than 50p goes in them and we also put aside money for the presents as well.

also means we have money incase anything in the house breaks down!!!!!!!!!

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By calliej
#138862 i'm still practising on budgeting for next month ..... i just cant get me head round it at all

its soooooooo difficult

but I will persevere and I will learn how to save!
By Iphigenia
#138865 I've currently got £59.05 in my Christmas fund ~ it's a start!
By alfa
#138873 I save £5 per week on a Asda xmas card . When you save £144 they bump it up to £ 150 as long as you spend it near to xmas .
Trick is to get another card at £144 as they give you nothing after that
I didn't know they did that???

yeah, nor did i until i went in the other day, and they have these savings cards [near the tills] not to good on the old interest front, but get £49 on it, and they give you an extra £1!

was going to keep it all in the savings account, but had a great fear I would go and pull money out as and when, thought it safer to go for the stamps

only got a few pennies on the boots advance card though, that seems to be difficult to build up!

no good this end with the penny jar at all, had about £5 in it, which the kids found!nuff said lol

be checking back in a few months again, just to keep you all on your toes, I am determined we will all have a good christmas this year!
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By chillychicky
#138936 great ideas everyone!
I need to get more orangised.
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By DrDirty
#139088 I hate Xmas and will no longer celebrate it so there! And you can't make me!
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By calliej
#139168 good for you DrDirty,.............