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By Feux Verts
#45765 JLP - or anyone, do you know if Summary Warrants are heard in public or in private (i.e. rubber stamped in the court office).

I'm wondering where a debtors details cease to be private and become public (Data Protection issue).

Statutory Demands served here included copy print-outs from the Court detailing debtors names, liability address, amount owed, CT ref number and court ref no.

All other debtors on that page were included but crudely pencilled out (details still clearly available). While names and addresses are clearly public, individual CT reference numbers and amounts should IMO be confidential.

Council argue that the information was in the public domain at the point of summary warrant. Any thoughts?
#47150 HI FV- Quick answer as just looking in. Summary Warrants are a rubber stamping exercise for a Sheriff. They are not held in an open court, giving the alleged debtor no chance to defend themselves. This makes them difficult to defend as the defender does not get his "day in court" so to speak.

Whether CT ref nos should be made public-well at this point I am not 100% sure, I will need to come back to you on this. I will say that in small claims and ordinary cause actions when there is a pursuer v debtor, account nos are not publicised. However what use a CT ref no would be to someone anyway.

Ill need to loook at this more carefully and I will get back to you later on this-but dont have time at the moment, sorry....... :(