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By Feux Verts
#40639 JLP.

How are you dealing with the increase in Sequestrations?

I was shown a Citation for Petition and Warrant the other day and wondered how much this is now going on?

Is DAS the way to get out? (The girl cited owes about 6k over about 9 years! and is in a mortgaged property with little equity).

I've pointed her to the local Money Advisor anyway - just wondering how these things go from there...
#40924 Hi FV

We havent had an increase in Sequestrations for Council Tax (YET). I know that some Councils are though, in particular North Lanarkshire although others are falling suit, particularly with homeowners.

DAS seems to be the way to stop it, according to my colleagues in North Lanarkshire.DAS is suitable for 2 or more debts (this can include more than one years Council Tax as each year is treated separately).

However a DAS needs to be done VERY VERY quickly (involving faxes mandates and a LOT of work as the timescale is very short to prevent it).

Remember it need to be an Accredited Money Advisor that can oversee a DAS, see for a list of accredited advisors. Due to the low take up of trained advisors (a long story), DAS is not possible in every area, as there are not enough to meet the demand............. :(
By Feux Verts
#40956 Cheers JLP

I think she got in contact with the South A - advisors.