Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By Leaseypeasey
#36161 Hi

Im a newbie here, so first off hello!!! Been a lurker for a long time and a lot of the advise has put me at ease.
Im currently in a dmp with payplan have been for the past 2 years and have paid about 9k of debt off but am still in 20K of debt, Im 27.
My question is my partner and I are considering trying for a baby, and i just want to know how the creditors will take it when the (and if) the times comes that i have to make reduced payments how they will take it. I know they will say that I should not be having children when im in so much debt which i do agree but dont want to put my life on hold. I will intend to go back to work and would be paying about 300.00 a month (im currently paying 400.00 a month. But when on maternity leave would probably only be able to pay 100 a month.
I would just like advise as how to go about this. Or are they just going to crucify me!
Im in Scotland by the way.

Thanks for any advice you can give me and enough of my rambling!!


#36372 You owe creditors money- not your whole life.They cant make judgements on whether you should have children or not (and accidents do happen).

They may not be pleased that you get pg-but its none of their business , and thats what Payplans for.All you would do is report a change of circs.

However I would maybe reconsider your options again- if and when the time comes as its obviously going to take you longer to repay the debt- and you may NOT go back to work-who knows?

But just now, it's hard enough being in debt without worrying about the ifs and buts and what mays.

Good luck..... :D