Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By squeek2211
#251723 Hi All,
I got a letter today from IP company asking me to complete an expenditure form and enclose wage slips and bank statements etc which I have done but the thing is that I am in a minus situation each month due to childcare and my mum pays some of that for me, am I ok to send the form in with a minus figure or will they start further investigation on me or think im sinking back into the debt situation again? Basically am I honest and say im in minus and mum helps me or do I try to balance the books so it appears I am not in the minus or does it not matter?
By wdm2
#252553 Be honest. They may agree reduced payments if you can't balance things at present so you can't really lose from honesty.

They'll probably want to talk about the situation depending on the shortfall in your I and E. I would expect them to either shrug if your Mum helps a bit or to suggest reduced payments but extend the TD in order to cover the shortfall.
By squeek2211
#252563 Hi,
Sorry I should have been cleared, its bankruptsy and I am on a no payment agreement due to me coughing up to keep my car and house, I just didnt know if they would start worrying that im not making ends meet still and that if I have to borrow from people the Bankruptsy may not have done me much in the way of learning a lesson, if you know what I mean. It was the 6 month review and I was honest said I was £160 minus a month and I will be discharged in august, if im still in same situation then I wont be asked to contribute, its just such a worrying time I will be glad when August arrives!
By wdm2
#252663 Sorry, I should have remembered.

Advice still stands though. A bankrupt (or anyone else for that matter) receiving modest help from parents to help make ends meet is neither unusual or problematic I would have thought.
By squeek2211
#253363 Well I got a call from the IP Administrator today and she questioned some transactions on my account but was fine when I explained what they were, they calculated my earnings higher than I did because I worked out child tax credit and benefit to be monthly whereas they took it over the year and devided it so according to them I have £80 surplus which they are happy not to touch unless my income rises and they would like to know about it.
They prob wont review me again and I will automatically discharged in August because she said she could see that what I am telling her is the truth and they trust me to tell them of any change in circumstances, so it shows that being truthful and working with them pays off.