Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By jockmitch
#238435 Got a council tax bill through today for £4200 basically my ex girlfriend who took charge of the bills has never paid it (well looks like there was the odd payment here and there), now i'm getting hunted for this

on top of that our house that we bought is worth £80000 and we cant sell it at that cant even get rid of it for offers over £75000 (mortgage owed on it is still £83000)

she pays nothing towards it (never has really) i was planning on renting it out but now this tax bill has come through (which includes 2 propertys we had previously rented before buying)

Can anyone please advise as the council want to take me to court and are threatning to make me bankcrupt

And please in laymans terms as im thick when it comes to these situations

Thanks in advance
By squeek2211
#238523 I would get an appointment with a money advisor as soon as possible, they can usually be contacted through CAB, they will go through your options with you. The council in Scotland anyway are usually pretty quick at pursuing any money owed to them and arent slow in slamming a bankruptcy on you, it happened to my brother, you could contact them to arrange a payment plan mean time to keep the wolf from the door.
By nigpet
#238585 What would be the point of making you bankrupt if your property is worth less than your mortgage? They would only be able to get any income from the OR after the process along with any other creditors, or have I missed something very basic!?
By wdm2
#239895 Councils are the number one instigators of sequestration. They have no regard for value for money considerations and little use of discretion.