Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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#22402 OK I am gonna advertise this (no I dont get any money for is a new method of Dealing with Debt that came into effect in Scotland on 30th November 2004. It is funded by the Scottish Executive and is free .You need a suitably qualified Money Advisor to go over the scheme with you.Main Criteria is

YOu must have been resident in Scotland for at least 2 months

You must have min of 2 debts (this can be 2 years Council Tax Debts as they count as separate)

You must have an excess Income

You must be able to pay your debts of in a reasonable period of time.

It is NOT CCCS or Payplan and it is not a company.Its is now Scottish Law which helps people repay their debt without being worried that halfway along the line a creditor is going to decide to take you to court and get more money from you.

You must consult a FREE money advisor,free advisors are listed on the website.These Money Advisors are all working to Standards laid down by Money Advice Scotland so you will get quality advice.They have been vetted and their work and advice is subject to scrutiny every 6 months.

For more info-have a look at this site ...
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#22516 Thanks for that - it is an excellent idea and I hope our similar thing will come in soon.

Is the interest frozen?
#22899 Not yet-BUT this is out to consultation at the moment.WE are hoping that this will be set in stone soon........... :D
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