Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By ostrich
#21768 Hi, can anybody advise ? I moved back to England 5 years ago after losing my job in Scotland (Lived and worked there for 10 years). Have just received a letter from a Scottish debt collector in connection with unsecured credit card debt incured whilst I lived in Scotland. They tell me that their clients are planning to sequestrate me if i don't pay in full immediately (10K). I am going to declare bankrupt in England anyway. My Scottish property was repossesed and I presenty rent, I have no assets and no savings. I survive on a modest occupational pension and am unemployed. Can they do this now I live in England ? Do the Scottish courts have jurisdiction ? Thanks for any advice. [/b]
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By Skiannach
#21777 Depends on the contract. However, it's academic and it's probably an empty threat.

If they sequestrate you (make you bankrupt) they have to pay for it. That includes ALL the IP's fees. Highly unlikely.

Who's the DCA?
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By scottishdebtor
#21785 England is the place for bankruptcy, if you have the cash, go for it...
By ostrich
#21879 Hi, Thank you for your advice. I forgot to mention that they have a decree against me for this debt. I assume that this is equivalent to an Englishh ccj and they can persue me and enforce. The decree was granted in Scotland and delivered to my old address long after I moved back to England. Is it still valid ??
By Feux Verts
ostrich wrote:My Scottish property was repossesed and I presenty rent, I have no assets and no savings.

Won't be a lot of point in sequestration then. As has been said it would cost them more than they would gain. A simple risk assesment would tell them that.

More likely an idle threat.

I suspect "sequestration" is becoming a "buzz word" up here on the back of the Bankruptcy boom down south.