Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By Butts
#189164 I was wondering if anyone had moved from England or Wales up to Scotland and then at a later date ( say 1 year ) had to go Bankrupt.

Were you dealt with under English Law or Scottish Law

Is there any major difference (i.e. harder or easier) between the two different systems.

The reason I ask is that it is possible I may be moving up before the end of the year and can probably hang on for another year if there is any benefit in doing so.

Cheers :mrgreen:
By Atmywitsend
#189266 HI there,

I lived in England for most of my life where most of my debts were accrued. I then moved to Scotland where I am now in a Trust Deed (English equiv of IVA). I was told that because I am resident in Scotland, I had to come under Scottish Law.

Hope this helps :D
By Butts
#189324 Hi Atmywitsend - how long after moving up did you commence with the Trust Deed .... :mrgreen:
By Atmywitsend
#189378 I have been up here for a few years now, but was told that I have to be resisident for at least the 3 years of my Trust Deed. Sorry I cant help anymore. Good Luck
By wdm
#189685 I think you could sign a TD five minutes after moving to Scotland provided it's your permanent address.

There won't be much difference between the systems in terms of bankruptcy after April. Plenty of differences with regard to Trust deeds and DMP's etc.