Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By dr-scarecrow
#168040 Can I still claim my bank charges. I had just received my statements when the case was frozen by the OFT.

I have read a few articles about how Scottish cases are still going ahead.

Does anyone know much about this.

Should I go ahead and send my letter anyway. And does anyone know, re the small claims limit being £750. If you are claiming more than this can you raise more than 1 claim at a time ( I know it is £39 per claim ).

Many thanks.
By wdm
#168399 Not sure of the legalities but presumably a Scottish Court will have to make a ruling. Have you just written to the banks making a claim?
By dr-scarecrow
#168544 I have just written my claim to the bank. They sent me a letter saying it has been suspended.
#168611 what options do you have now, is the claim in invalid, I was just about to send in a claim to the tsb
By dr-scarecrow
#168773 You are advised to proceed and log your claim even if they wont do anything meantime. That wasy if the banks lose the court case you have your claim already logged.

I just read the stuff in the newspaper about court cases being heard in Scotland and thought it was worth a good go to get your money back.