Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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#470733 I would like to draw attention to a company called Hillside and ask if anyone recently have had any dealings with them? Also another company called Apex, who I think could be linked.
Apex have called the landline asking to speak with my daughter, but I have not entertained them. More curiously though, they have also called a neighbour of mine asking for my daughter! Now only one neighbour has come forward to me; there may be others who would be feel awkward in doing so.

Going back to Hillside, they came to the house with a hand delivered letter/note with my daughter's first name on it and a contactt name and number for her to call. They also had a clipboard with bank details showing zero (debt) on her 'statement', and the guy saying she had nothing to worry about. One more of these notes arrived by post, marked 'urgent', which we ignored.
I know that this is unusual practice, but I would like to report this to authorities; what's my best way of doing this?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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By TalbotWoods
#470743 Hillside Services are a Debt Collection Firm based in Yorkshire, who tend to be used as a tracing agency rather than an actual collection agency.

Apex are a Debt Collection Company, and depending on the second part of their name may either be the one based in Scotland or the one in based in England.

As far as I am aware they are not connected, however, in the past both were known to walk quite close to the line, and calling a neighbour asking if she is there, and asking if they can get her to call them is as unethical as hell, but not illegal, unless they disclose the reason why. (Oh and asking someone to call xxxxx Debt Collection Agency is not classed as disclosing the reason why!)

So it is possible that they are chasing unconnected debts, as it is unusual for two unconnected to chase the same debt.

OK you want to help, I am sorry but I am going to be blunt here, these are your daughters debts, not yours and by becoming involved you may be making it far far worse for her.

If these are for substantial debts and she is not dealing with them, without very good reason (such her being legally defined as a vulnerable person) and they go to court, then the court will deem this as HER refusing to liaise. The court will NOT give any consideration to you as this is her debt not yours, and WILL rule against her! You need to be very very aware if this, as we have seen some horrific court and legal rulings where someone has thought they were doing the right thing for their children, including one where a house was lost!

So please tread carefully with this one, as if they are chasing this hard, it is possible they may thinking of court, especially if the debtor refuses to engage with them.