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By muirspud99
#330793 I declared myself bankrupt on March 29th 2007 and in December 2012 i finished my BRU

Now my problem... What should i do next?

I am probably gonna get my credit file sent to me, and see what it says as ive yet to do this yet. Since i went bankrupt, ive always had the same contract phone and the operator did say in the last 2 years ive paid them late 16 times.. OOOpppps. But ive never been cut off or threatened with anything. Will this show up?

As im unsure what it'l say on my credit file, how do i go about "clearing it up" Ive seen the template you can send, but i have non of the account numbers or anything to say i had a credit card or old bank account, plus i dont have anything to do with my bankruptcy, discharge papers or anything as well. Literally paperless unless you can get stuff online etc, and im sure my name has now dropped of the insolvency register. So what can i do, if stuff from 6 years ago still appears on my credit file?

I do want to try and get a credit card of some sort and rebuild my credit history, so which are the easy ones to get?

Any other advice appreciated and thanks in advance.
By obcomp
#331343 I was BR around 9 months after you, although I began clearing up my credit files immediately after discharge so that when 6 yrs are up I I'll know exactly where I am. I subscribed to Equifax's service and collated all my info from the banks by writing to them and then using the template from here which is extremely useful. You will somehow need to obtain your account info and speak to the court to get a cert of discharge.

I'd be a little concerned that you've had 16 late payment strikes against your phone bill which will be a negative when it comes to applying for credit IMO.
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By TalbotWoods
#332113 Hi muirspud99

OK if you contact the ORs office that dealt with your case,they will have a record on their computer system of the old account numbers, but they may take a bit of time as it is possible they are already archived.

If you read this thread, it contains a useful how to guide:


But a word of caution, as it has been a bit of time, it will take time to sort this now, but with a bit of perseverance you will get there.

There are some credit cards that will take you on, but at really astronomical rates, so in reality the best way you can start to rebuild is to firstly get them pesky CRFs sorted out.