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By whatwentwrong
#326513 Hi, I havent posted for a while as life is pretty much moving along nicely.... I am now 4 years post discharge and thought I really should check those files!! I have the Vanquis card with a £1200 limit and a Capital one with a £800 limit plus a rolling 30 day phone contract so life feels normal again but I ordered my Experian report and it has no mention of Bankruptcy.... is this normal? It also has my egg loan and credit cards as satisfied 12/12 but defaulting 6 ad 9 months after bankruptcy (respectivly) what are egg like at sorting those to the correct date? Also my biggest creditor Northern Rock isn't showing at all :?
And finally I had an empty barclay card before bankruptcy that is still showing as active, could I just phone barclaycard and request this as the apr would be so much better 8)
Please don't think I'm planning on racking up debt I just want everything in order and a normal life! But it did have a 15k limit so would be a little scary if they just re issued it no questions (responsible lending and all that)

Anyway thanks for reading, I know there are a lot of questions in this :shock:
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By TalbotWoods
#326533 OK first thing you have to do is go back to the CRA and make sure they have the address for the last SIX years, they very often miss these off, so a lot of account get missed off. Also get them to check all the addresses you have given them are 100% correct, if not it can hide entries

Nothing stopping you asking Barclays, BUT as the account has been dormant, they should treat it as new and credit check you again. And their records check the full 6 years. It is also possible that they have closed the account, but have failed to close the CRF record, and that is quite common with them. But what ever happened they would move yo to the new APRs and they are nowhere near as good!!

But heck its worth a try, as the saying goes nothing ventured nothing gained, but if you do get it, pay off and close both Vanquish and Cap One
By whatwentwrong
#326543 both credit cards are payed off every month, just use them for booking holidays etc for the protection they offer!
I'll chase experian about the address as that could be it but all loans where taken out and defaulted at the same address as the egg onee showing, oh well we'll see but I will call barclay card and see :wink:

thanks for the pointers though, its good to be finally moving forward with life... well it feels like I am :?