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By Major
#317873 I was made bankrupt in 2007 and discharged normally in 2008.
On 4th of September 2012 wrote a letter to Coventry County Court requesting a Discharge Certificate and enclosed a cheque for £70.00, which was taken out of my account on 12th September. As I did not get a reply I wrote on the 12th October reminding them of my request and asking for a reply which arrived on the 16th saying that the request had been sent to the OR and once the confirmation was received they issue the Certificate. After waiting another month on 20th November, Iwrote again, and this time enquired if there was any reason why the said Certificate good not be supplied I would like my £7000 back. Their reply, on 23rd was that they had sent, again, "today" a further request to OR, marked "URGENT"
Another 15 days have passed and I don't know what to do.
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By TalbotWoods
#317883 Give the ORs office a call just to make sure they have been getting the requests, if they have then ask then why they have not actioned the request, if not then ask them who the request should go to then phone the court.

Also if the ORs office are adamant that they have not received the request, call the courts and ask to speak to the court manager as you wish to make a formal complaint!