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#41926 Hi

I was discharged last June. I have a Co-op cashcard a/c. Does anyone know of any bank that may offer me a 'full' current account after say June when I will have been discharged for a full 12 months?

I suppose the obvious place to try first will be the co-op who will have seen my good record since I opened my a/c with them, but they did reject my application for a savings account late last year referring to my CRF - which I am in the process of sorting out - just LLoyds TBS to go - LLoyds TSB being total ars@les though!

Thanks in advance.
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#41928 hi
i think you will find it almost immposible to get a full current account whilst your B/Oshows on your CRFs .but if i remember correctly i think mel said that the abbey might consider discharged bankrupts after a year of being discharged.(if im wrong im sure someone will correct me)
#41960 Yes,
I have correspondence from the Abbey and lately NatWest who both say they will not entertain discharged bankrupts until 1 year after discharge.

Which of course does not say they will deffo offer a big boys account only that they won't accept applications before one year.

I was discharged last April 1st. So not long before I try again with NatWest where I have had the Step account for nearly four years now.

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