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my bankruptcy has bee discharged since October 2004, up to now I have been quite happy with my Nationwide flex account. However I am returning to university in September and am curious if I will be to access a student account. Any advice would be welcome. also any idea if I will be able to get a student loan as my previous loans were included in BO. I will need one for the FEES.
#41866 Hi Bev and welcome to the DQF.
Sorry hun but as long as the bankruptcy is showing on your Credit Reference File for another 4 years or so, you have very little chance of getting credit. You may get an upgraded Flex account, so try for it.

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#41881 have you checked whether you are eligible for a Student Loan? If your course is a recognised course I think anyone can get a loan, provided you don't already owe the Student Loan company money. Debts to them are not included in bankruptcy so presumably you either don't owe them money or your previous loans were from another source?
#42052 Thanks , for advice i don't owe student loan company anything as they were included in BO, infact they repaid my what i had already paid them. Although many people believe s.loans are exempt from bankruptcy some of them have been appealed succesfully due to some legal error, i guess i was lucky.

I have already tried to upgrade my flex account my salary is paid in monthly but Nationwide will not oblige. I don't want any credit as such a debit card of some description would be useful
#42063 I have a co-op cashminder account with an electron card and its taken everywhere and most places online etc maybe consider that for an option ?
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#42420 Hi,

I going Br in 8 days time and I intend to apply for a student loan (If the OR will let me) as I'm also starting Uni in Sept. I've spoken to my local education authority and the student loan company and they've both said that I would be able to apply for the loans. I just have to make sure the OR is ok with it now.

One thing is though, I didn't think you could get a student loan if you've been on a previous degree course (as in you've done 1 or 2 years of a degree, dropped out and then re-applied to start a new degreee a few years later KWIM).
#44213 Thanks for all the advice, I did a 2 year diploma and now am doing a one year top up to complete my degree so it sounds as if i'll be ok for a loan.
#44440 student loans were removed from bankruptcy catchment in about Sept 04 I believe. Eligible students can still take on student loans regardless of a previous bankruptcy. Personally I'd save enough or work to pay my way, the debt is too much and takes too long to repay.
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#45450 Aha, you must be one of those lucky ones that went BR before they closed the loophole with student loans. I think they changed the rules in Sept 04 so that they couldn't be included in BR any longer. Before that you could do it.. good move as i've still got mine to repay (at least mine don't include tuition fees!!)
I'm sure the Student Loans Co will still fund your new study though, good luck
#46248 Thankyou all for taking the time to reply. Having got used to living by my means i am hesitant to take out a student loan, but its only for one year and I have two children to support. Declaring bankruptcy for me was the best (but hardest) decision I have made. It has made me realsie that budgeting and working for extras is much more satisfying than the quick fix via credit.
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