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By jacko123
#310153 Hi I was discharged form bankruptcy six months ago. During the bankruptcy, I have had a basic bank account with RBS with no debit card faciltity.

They won't issue a debit card and I want to move banks.

Does anybody know the best ones to try atm.


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By JaneClack
#310173 Barclays is the only account open to undischarged bankrupts now but you are discharged so you should be able to apply for a basic bank account with any bank you did not have debt with during the bankruptcy. It will only be a basic bank account though as your credit file will preclude others. Natwest (part of the RBS group) do have a Step account with a basic debit card so you could try that one.
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By TalbotWoods
#310873 Hi Jacko

You may find this resource from the Money Advise Service of use, it lists the basic bank accounts and you can filter by credit rating:

http://pluto.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/ ... able=basic