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By essdeekay
#306423 Hello,

It is now nearly 6 years since I went BR. I received early discharge and have been cleaning up my credit records.

I have seen the Barclaycard Initial Visa and have a couple of questions:

1. Do they report to the CRAs in order to "rebuild" credit history?

2. Will them being a creditor of mine at the time of my BR go against my applications?


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By TalbotWoods
#306663 Indeed they do report to the CRFs as it is a credit card rather than a prepay card, so they will report along with monthly balances and amounts repaid, along with full conduct!.

Now as to if they will accept you, that is a how long is a piece of string question, we just dont know, it will depend entirely on their computer systems. The fact that you had an account with them previously should make a difference now (especially as the 6 years has past), but it will depend on their terms and conditions plus the state of your CRFs, plus the credit scoring criteria they have in place.

HOWEVER, I note that the card seems to have an assumed initial credit limit of £1200, which for a former they may reduce downwards initially, dont be offended if they do, as they have a minimum limit they can set of £250.