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#306253 after following the advice on this forum back in 2008 i succesfully declared myself bankrupt, as time has flown by the 6 year records held will soon be up and my life has been fully turned around (retrained into better job, had two children and generally grew up and became sensible:)and i will be hoping to be able to gain a mortgage in a year or so to buy the council home were renting.

currently im rebuilding my credit file (using credit cards, couple of hp agreements etc) the problems im facing at the moment are:

1. couple of the defaults on my file are showing date a year older than my br. (so would still be on file after my 6 year period)

2. i have lost/misplaced the file with all the info for my bankrupcy, is it possible to get a copy.

thanks for any further help.
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#306283 It is a good feeling when all goes well is it not.

OK your questions in reverse order.

If you contact the ORs Office they will be able to provide written confirmation of your bankruptcy date and your discharge date, but if you need the actual notifications I am afraid that will cost. You will need to approach the courts where your were made bankrupt and obtain a copy of the certificates form them, when I last looked they were asking £75 ..... so go the letter route first.

Now moving on the the defaults, no default date should be later than the bankruptcy date, AND all the accounts should be marked as settled or satisfied, if not they wont drop off correctly if not defaulted, and worse still if not marked as settled, the owner can sell the account on as a live account, and they some dubious DCA can chase you for it.

Now the Default must be no later than the bankruptcy date, as you have said.

The settled date no later than the discharge date, but dont worry if the default date is correct it will still fall off 6 years form the default date.

If either are incorrect, then you do need to act, if not (and I have seen this happen) a DCA comes chasing 12 years later of a debt that originally had a CCJ. It got sorted in the end, but not till after it had cost money and time!!

I would suggest getting a letter form the OR with bankruptcy date, case number, and discharge date, then following the template below (just amend it a bit to reflect letter rather than certificate).


#306303 thanks for info, the letter is a godsend, unfortunately have no account numbers etc but will start with letters and info i can get from my credit file and see where that takes me.

will update as it progresses
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#306333 If the OR's office was on the ball, they should have those pesky account numbers on their computer system, so should be able to provide them as well

<HINT .... Make that a separate request>
#307323 I had one outstanding issue on my file with lloyds tsb ... an old account which was included in my BR but I had lost the account number. I went into a local branch with some ID and they gave me the sort code and account number so I could write to the data controller with the correct account details to correct my file.
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