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By topsy17
#297403 ok lots of posts re this subject ...but i am not sure of all the info so please could u help with below ?

we went br in 2008 and discharged after the year but i have never done anything to clear my credit files ...soon i will need car credit (tho no idea if i will ever get it) - .....so if i clear up the files with the letter (think its on here but again not sure what i have to do )

will i have to wait another 6 years or if i do it now when would my credit history be OK?

Also it will give NR etc my new address ? is that OK or will the hassel me ?

thanks ! :wink:
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By TalbotWoods
#297423 Hi Topsy

The bankruptcy will remain on your Credit Files for 6 years form the date of bankruptcy, and that will have a major effect on obtaining any credit.

First you will need to get a copy of your credit files, to see what is on there and what isn't. You will need to declare all your addresses for the past 6 years to ensure you have all the information.

If the default date is later than the bankruptcy date, then those MUST be challenged first, as this ensures that the 'bad' accounts fall off at the six year point.

You also need to make sure all the accounts are marked as settles or partially settled with a date NO LATER that you discharge date.

Once this is done, then your Credit Files will be as tidy as possible, giving you the maximum chance of obtaining credit of a car, but remember that the bad accounts will still show for six years form the bankruptcy.

No as you have left the cleaning for so long, I would suspect that there will be duplicate entries, incorrect value entries and sold on duplicate accounts, so this may be an onerous task for a while, with several accounts being referred to the Information Commissioner to get sorted ( a curse of leaving it so long)

Now you mentioned Northern Rock, I am a bit confused by this, so I assume a mortgage, if so did you give the property up as a result of the bankruptcy, if you did then the debt is included in the original bankruptcy NO MATTER WHAT NORTHERN ROCK TELL YOU.