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By jebs1965
#297213 Hi.
Just received this letter this morning and I am completely confused as to what it means. I was made Bankrupt in feb 2008 and discharged feb 2009. I had an IPA in place which ran for 3 years, have finally paid that off now. This has just come out of the blue and I do not understand.

Here's what it say-

I refer to the bankruptcy order made feb 2008 and write to inform you that I intend to apply to the secretary of state for business, innovation and skills for my release as trustee. A summary of my receipts and payments as trustee is enclosed for your information.

If you are not already discharged, my release as trustee will have no effect upon the date of your discharge from the bankruptcy.
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By JaneClack
#297223 Perfectly bog standard letter and nothing whatever to worry about. It is just that if he does not get discharged as trustee he remains it until he does!