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By Enty01
#295323 Hi

Sorry if this has ben asked before - I have tried to search the issue without success

I am in the process of having my CRA files 'updated' post bankruptcy (I am hesistant to use the phrase 'cleaned up' as I know they are shot for the next 5 years!)

I have a default with CitiFinancial, but the same account is also shown in default by CapQuest - who presumably purchased the debt.

Is this permissible, and do I write to both creditors in the normal way requesting they update - or can I contact the CRA's directly and request them to remove the 1st entry recorded by CitiFinancial?

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By TalbotWoods
#295813 Send a letter top the Citi group data controller first, they should have removed their entry and have failed to.

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They will need a bit of history if they have sold it on, such as account number, the bankrupcy, ect.