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By dpkb
#294643 Hi All,

Been a long time since I posted here but seeing as you were all so helpful in the past was hoping for your thoughts on my current situation.

I was discharged back in August 2008 and swiftly got on with the task of cleaning up my credit files. Mid last year I requested my CRFs to check how they were looking and everything seemed in order. Last month I again got my CRFs again and something new has appeared that wasn't on my previous CRFs.

I have an entry for a default from 2007 which is now registered as Arrow Global Ltd, after some checking it appears that one of my former creditors has sold the debt on to this company. The debt was listed in my bankruptcy and I had taken the time to write to all my creditors with the details at the time.

I have written to the address for this company twice in the last month advising of the bankruptcy and providing copies of my paperwork. As yet I have not had a response to the letters I have written and also only an automated response to the email I sent them.

Any suggestions as to what I should do next?