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By Enty01
#294413 Hi

I was recently discharged and have a single CCJ on my credit file with all 3 agencies

Do I contact the original lender & ask them to update their records or can I contact the county court directly with a copy of my bankruptcy order/proof of discharge & request a certificate of satisfaction

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By JaneClack
#294443 Original lender with a copy of your bankruptcy order/discharge and say if they do not amend records you will have to report them to the Data Commissioner - our esteemed moderator and TV star, Tim will be able to add to this as he knows this inside out!!
By chandjay
#294463 What is this about Tim being a "TV Star" - Did I miss something?
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By TalbotWoods
#294493 Possibly, just possibly but an extract is on here, but I wont "Apologise" if you cant find it!