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#294273 Hi, it's a while since I have been on here.

I finished my 6 years on 08 March this year and a couple of weeks later tried upgrading my CO-OP Cashminder to a full current account only to be told no. I was basically told "the computer says no". I explained to the girl on the phone that my credit files were 100% clean, as I had checked all of them. I pointed out the excellent way in which I had run the account, but she would have none of it and turned down my application.

I am mystified as to why I was turned down. I have operated the Cashminder account over the past six years perfectly, I have never gone a penny overdrawn, I have always kept a really good balance in it. I have operated a full account with the Halifax for over 3 years perfectly well. I have run a Sygma bank credit card with a £5k limit perfectly for the past 3 years, I just can't understand why I have been refused a full account upgrade?

It seems to me that they have kept my pre bankruptcy history on file and will continue to hold it against me.

So, if the Co-op have 'promised' to upgrade your Casminder account after the 6 years are up, like they did to me, don't believe a word of what they are saying.

It would be interesting to hear from others on this forum about their experiences of upgrading Cashminders after the 6 year period has elapsed.

Btw I was offered a full account, £700 overdraft, and credit card from Santander on the same day Co-op turned me down.
#294383 Hi there bernieflint

We declared ourselves bankrupt 7 yrs ago this June, and we too were promised by the CO OP that, once our 6 yrs were up our account would be upgraded. A month or so after everything dropped off our CRF's, I applied to CO OP for an upgrade, and same as you, were told no.

After we declared ourselves bankrupt, we opened an account with the Nationwide, a very basic one, which we ran, until I realised the CO OP had an account with the Electron card, which Nationwide didn't do. We ran the CO OP account, very well, for around 5 1/2 years, and in that time we rarely used the Nationwide account.

Anyway, in October last year, we received a letter from Nationwide, telling us that we would be having our account upgraded to a full current account with a proper visa debit card and a cheque book. I had to phone them twice to believe it!!!!! :D :D

So I transfered all my direct debits, wages etc, to the Nationwide, and have never looked back :D
#314263 Interesting. I'm 6.5 years post bankruptcy (5.5 post discharge). I haven't tried to upgrade Cashminder because it works fine for my needs - with this one exception: they told me a couple of years ago that my debit card was being upgraded to a real debit card, not an electron one. I took it as an indication of how well I'd run the account. However, the long number still tells vendors that it's an electron. I couldn't use it as ID in Phones4U the other week, for example.

I'm still grateful to the Coop for giving me an account at all but I wish they had a tiny bit of financial forgiveness built in!
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#314343 Hi bernieflint

Nice to see you again (well figuratively anyway)

Shhhh dont tell anyone, but co-op and Nationwide, and Barclays banks work on a 7 year cycle for finances, soooooo might be worth a phone call 7 years after your bankruptcy to the Co-op. (<Goughs> <Hints>)

With regards the Phone4U refusal, they routinely refuse all cards that dont give them immediate unfetteed access to accounts if needed, so they will turn down all electron cards and prepaid credit cards, especially as these also do not legally prove ID!!!

#314533 I don't mind so much that P4U wouldn't take the electron as ID, it's that Co-op told me two years ago it Wasn't one, so I felt a bit daft when it turned out it was!
#314673 I have cashminder & haven't had any problems with acceptance for ages, including for ID, one or two in the early days but I was also under the impression that they'd been upgraded. The only place mine doesn't seem to work is supermarket automated petrol pumps (barclays basic card is connect & is fine). It does sometimes appear on machine receipts as electron though. This includes international use as well, which I find a bit ironic given it won't work in the tesco's pump a mile up the road!!
#320893 Ive just been turned down by the co op, interesting as I went BR just over 6 years ago. Dec 06

I guess Im dying to know if theres an end in sight, Ive no interest in going mad with a credit card. But at some point in the future Id like a mortgage....
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#320923 There is honest.

Just after the 7 year point Co-op gave me a new full account, and I do also have Credit Cards that I use for work purposes, have a all singing Smart phone, in fact other than loans, mortgages, and debts I feel quite normal.

It takes time, and you will get there honest!
#320983 Re the automated Petrol Stations and Supermarkets not accepting C0-0p Cashminder. Not sure if this is true but I was told by someone that it is all about ID. As a Cashminder card is available to under 18 year olds if someone fills up with juice and drives off it is a lot more difficult to prosecute if the person is under 18 years old.

Also under age people can potentially buy alcohol at the auto paypoints in Supermarkets without being required to prove their age.
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