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#293943 Hi, just done a experian £2 check and have a couple of questions.

My BR was back in 2008 signed up for checking credit files trying to sort them out and sent off letters to get the info changed. Only had one reply back and never got round to checking again altho i have found an old printout of an equifax and callcreditcheck one. Having done the experian one (I've still got the other 2 to do yet) all that was listed was my current bank account and a store card showing clear balances.

Would this mean that everything else has been wiped off altho its not been 6 years yet or more likely that something is missing from the report (as its the £2 one instead of the sign up for months one) as it seams strange as there was a big list before?

If you have a clean record then is exactly that i.e. nothing on it or should the info still be there but showing no balance?

Thanks in advance

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#293953 Unfortunatley not.

have a careful look at your address on there, and any previous addresses.

If they are not all there you need to contact the CRA and tell them what they have sent you is incomplete.

If they are all correct, then again contact the CRA and ask where the hell the entries have all gone.

It wont be the first time and certainly wont be the last time a very slight difference in information given has resulted in you having an incorrect CRF sent out .....!!
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#294423 Thanks for your reply. Ive sent off an email so il wait to hear what they say.
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