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ByPost Bankrupty
#293773 Hey Everyone
Been a longtime since i posted on here !
OK so i checked my files and bloody natwest have my settlement date as my discharge date and not my Bankruptcy date !!
My 6 years is Due up in April 16th they have November

I am right in thinking they have to mark them settled from BR date and not Discharge date aren't i ?
So there was i thinking as of April i will be free, when clearly not as although the BR will fall off the defaults wont will they :-( and now i have no details of my Natwest account :-(

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By TalbotWoods
#293813 Hi Brooke

No it was changed about 2 years ago.

The default date MUST be no later than the date of the bankruptcy (remember it is thsi date that will make the account fall off, irrespective of the settled date)

The settled/partially settled date must be no later than the discharge date.

So as long as they have the default date no later than 16th April, then the account will drop off anyway.