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By SnowWight
#291963 Hi All
Its been a long time since I posted. I went BK just over 6 yas ago and got an early discharge. I recently applied for a Capital One card to re-build my credit score. My credit reference files are now all clear and Equifax gives me a better than average credit rating. I'm on the Electorial roll. Capital One turned me down. My question is why do you think this might be and what steps can I take to rectify this and what should I be doing to re-build my credit. I have a good income and no debt in my name.

Also, I have just checked Experian, and have a 'good' rating with them as well. I also get matched for 21 different Credit Cards based on my details, history and score.....?????

Many thanks
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By JaneClack
#291973 Did you know you can appeal? Contact Capital One and ask why as your credit file is fine and you just want a small limit card to start with etc etc - it will be around £500 only you would get - or even £250 but it would be a start.

Other posters will add more as they have experience but they are out there!!
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By bernieflint
#294283 I was turned down by Capitol 1 as well.

During my 6 years I did manage to get a credit card with Vanquis and a Wolves mastercard. The Wolves mastercard along with some other football club credit cards are operated by the not so widely known French Sygma bank, Sygma also run the flybe Master credit card.

These Sygma cards are well worth applying for, I know a number of forum members on here were successful in their applications.
By SnowWight
#294293 All is ok now. Got an upgrade to my Nationwide bank account and a credit card. They offered me £3500 credit limit but I dropped it to £1000. Please to back in the real world with a proper grown up debit card. All in all, the journey over the last 6 years has been a good one. Lots of leasons learned.