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By skintdom
#291463 Hi,

I was discharged from BR in 2009 and have not had a credit card since then. I use my Dad's credit card for online purchases and use it basically as my own (he does not use it at all and we live at the same address). He has said he could add me as an additional card holder for more convenience. However before doing this, I am wondering whether his credit record would be affected by me having an additional card on his credit card account?

I know they dont credit check the additional card holder as the main account holder is still liable for managing the account and balance. But I want to be sure that it will not damage his credit scoring in anyway or tie his name to mine in any negative way?
Anybody know anything about this?

Its only a short term arrangement really, as I would rather get a credit card in my own name so that I can start rebuilding my credit scoring but for the moment I cant get one, even with Vanquis.

Thanks :)
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By JaneClack
#291493 It should not as believe it or not I know someone who continued with a secondary card during the term of their bankruptcy as the first named was liable and he had agreed that she could use the card - the restrictions of bankruptcy say no more credit of more than £500 without the permission of the LENDER (ie the primary card holder!). It is not a joint card so you are not joint and severally liable and if your father is fully aware that you have been bankrupt and is willing to do this, then there is not a problem.