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By opsins
#256553 My IVA is finished and it's over three years since I went bankrupt, and nearly 3 years since I was discharged. Can I now train to become an accountant or is this occupation still restricted to me?
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By TalbotWoods
#257153 Hi Ya Stranger!

OK as far as the legal side of it is concerned there is now no restrictions regards retraining into accountancy, but (and how I hate these)...

If you are going down the route of learnign on the job, as most do, then it will come down to the individual accountancy companies own polices. Now that is the rub, no-one but they know if they will allow you!

However, most do a credit check (sorry a financial stability assessment), and I would pretty much guess what shows up there is what will dictate as to their decision, and it is that that could stand in the way until all the bad stuff is gone!