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By fizz
#30275 hi all
i cant belive whats happend today recived a letter from eversheds about london scottish bank has now sold the account to there clients max recovery.the thing is this account was named in my BO on the 19 dec 2000. the only contact i have had with london scottish lately is to try and sort out my credit files which i reived a letter back from them on the 10th october 2005 saying that they are going to ammend the info they hold on me,end of story i thought.oh there saying LS sold the debt on to them 28th october 2005.how can this be? i hope that because i have been trying to sort out hubbys and mine CRFs this is not going to bring up all these ex crediters again,i couldnt bare it.do you guys have any idea what i could do who do i need to contact.thanks in advance.
By Mel_Odious
#30300 Nobody, don't worry about it. Inform Eversh1ts of your bankruptcy details. Max Inc have bought up many of our bankrupt accounts, they pay pennies for a whole load of them hoping to get a little back. Why they bother buying up bankrupt debts is anyone's guess but they do and can get nothing for them unless an undischarged bankrupt scoops the lottery and that is what they hope for.