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By Mel_Odious
#29612 I filled out an application for an Abbey current account (paying 6%) in my local branch. It was rejected and I heard no more. Geordie kindly gave me the address of their Underwriting Department and I dropped them a line saying I was discharged in April this year.
I received an answer which was very interesting and will be of use to many.

"I understand from your letter that you were discharged from bankruptcy in April 2005. Unfortunately, for Abbey to offer a current account you must be discharged from bankruptcy for at least twelve months.

Mr. G. Rymer
Manager, Underwriting.

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By elmeck
#29614 Mel

:shock: This sounds too good to be true......................but I hope it is.

I guess we will only know when someone, who has been discharged from BR for more than 12 months, actually applies.

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By fizz
#29622 ya this one would be intresting for us discharged bankrupts of twelve months or more.perhaps if anyone applies for one they could be so kind as to let us know how they get on,if abbey really gives someone one of these current accounts.if they do then i might be intrested but i would like to hear from anybody first to see if it is worth it or is it going to be another waste of time. :D
By jpg
#29623 Once I get my certificate of discharge through I may well try Abbey...I will have been discharged 2yrs 3 or 4 months by then (depending how long the cert takes).
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By geordie
#29626 it was stated in the press that the spanish bank who now owns abbey are taking a sympathetic view to opening current accounts for those who have had previous trouble :? geordie
By homely
#29633 i rang the halifax on thursday and was told that they wont help me get me an account with them whilst it has bankruptcy written on my credit file,i was told differently at the branch,but it would be nice for a bank /bs to help us poor discharged a go as what they don't realise that if the co-op didn't give anyone a debit card how would we get through life,nowadays life revolves around credit/debit cards,and why can't we all be able to get an account with a debit card,but they check us for having a cheque,overdraft facility,credit cards,well we dont want a lot all we're asking is for an account which we just want a debit card and be able to get our credit rating to satisfactory