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By POPPY1509
#224281 Hi,

Need urgent help. My partner went bankrupt last year, and due to this I am now being chased for outstanding school fees of £5000. Due to the stresses of finances we split, and i'm now on benefits.

I was chased earlier this year for the 5k. I burried my head in the sand and they got a ccj against me and took it to high court enforcement, and a bailiff arrived. Only then I realised I had to do something about this. I aplied to the the court to challenge the ruling and it was put back to county court. I have hearing coming up but now having seen the evidence against me, i'm certain of the ruling going against me. I'm terrified of the bailoff coming back as he was really nasty to me. I initailly put forms into court to go not guilty on case, but realising now that its likely to be ruled against me, is the anything i can do to get a monthly payment ruling, ie what I can afford per month. I cannnot afford 5k but can offer a small amount each month. If so what do i do and is it likely to be accepted as i'm now benefits now until I get on my feet again..

Any advice very apprec as feel so low and worried

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By JaneClack
#224282 I can imagine how bad you must feel.

Is this the only money you owe?

Do you have any assets at all?

Is your child still attending this school?

Depending on your answers to this will be our response.