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#218856 Early next year I may need to move areas with my job and so I would need to rent a new flat. Will I be able to get a new rental agreement with someone else..yikes! Is this going to be a nightmare? Has anyone else found a new place to live while recently bankrupt?
#218914 There are posters who have done it, Opsins, so it can't be that much of a nightmare. You need to target private landords for preference. Haven't done it myself because I just determined to stay put for the 6 years following bankruptcy.
#219001 I have.

If you go to an agency, then they may do a credit check - however that doesn't automatically turn you down - they normally just pass this information across to the owner of the property.

I was able to move within the same agency, so they had my payment history, however I was dealing with 2 other properties with other agencies and was offered the others too. As long as I got a good ref from the previous tenancy - which is pretty standard.

If the owner of the agency has opted for the agencies insurance (ie: if the tenant doesn't pay, the agency still covers the rent) then you may get turned down from the agent, without the owner being offered the choice.

Of course, renting privately would usually eliminate any credit check at all, but don't rule out agencies. If you are up front with them, there won't be an issue - after all, they want the commission so they'll do their bit and fight in your corner.
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