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By munki75
#218831 Hi all

After going BR in April 2009, I have now been told that I have been discharged early :-) There was no major complications with my case which made things less stressful.

Quick question... what is everyone's advice on what to do next? I have no intention of getting back into credit cards, mortgage etc so is it worth cleaning all my credit files up or should i just leave it?

By gardener
#218839 Hello Munki

TW answered this question once before and he said yes you should but I can't remember why. Probably to do with people buying old debts and chasing you. Personally I think it is worth it because you don't know if you want credit at some point in the future and it can take ages to clean up the files. Even Eversheds (who people say are really efficient) I have had to write to 4 times because although they say they've amended the file I have re-order it from Equifax and Experian to find it hasn't been done. It can be a bit of a bore but it is only a couple of quid for each file and a few postage stamps.
By munki75
#218863 Thanks for the reply Gardener. Much appreciated.

Yes, looks like it may be worth taking the time to sort this out earlier than later. I will make a start and see how things go.

#218867 Hi there munki,

Both me and hubbie went bankrupt four years ago, and it is only now that I have decided to tackle the credit file issue.

During that four years I felt like I could not be bothered in doing so, as, like you say, you do not want credit again.

But after four years, and the CO OP asking me if I would like to upgrade my account, not once but three times, and three times being declined, I thought that yes, I would like a proper account, and possibly a credit card to improve my credit rating.

I started in September this year, and it is still ongoing with a couple of creditors, and I have had to involve the ICO.

If you feel up to it, then good luck to you :) :)
By munki75
#218934 Thanks for the advice too Darius. Much appreciated.

To be honest, my co-op cashminder account is perfect for what I want and need at the moment but as you say, it could be a long road to getting the files back in shape. I will certainly do a bit of research and start the ball rolling.